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AL-SALAM S.P.C. was established in 1978 as a single person company Founded by Mr. Mohsin AlBunni in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

AL-SALAM one of the largest air conditioning & electronics dealer in Bahrain as a specialized company in air conditioning, home appliances , electronics , mobiles , satellites, distribution and piping of cooking gas to domestic homes and restaurants, cylinders re-filling and repairs. In addition, AL-SALAM is a specialized company in maintenance and repair of air conditioners, dryers and washing machines through a workshop backed by an experienced staff who can service all items of various brands.

AL-SALAM has an extensive household products range including Air conditioners, LED and Plasma, flat screens, Smart Phones, Washing Machine, Refrigerators, Freezers, built-in Kitchens Appliances, Cookers Range, Gas & Electric Ovens, Dryers, Dishwashers, Air Filters, small home & kitchen appliances, and more. AL-SALAM offer more than 11,000 electronic products and accessories to choose from reputed international brands such as:

and many more.

During its 37 years of market presence, AL-SALAM has built a large customer base (100,000 Customers), mainly consisting of individual and corporate customers, as a result of its competitive prices, and differentiated extended services such as fast delivery, telephone orders, bank facility payment, payment-on-delivery, and sustainable customer support.

Strengths and achievements:

  • Being recognized as #1 Dealer of LG and PEARL for a two consecutive years (2008 and 2009)
  • Being recognized as #1 Dealer of SMARTECH and PEARL for a three consecutive years (2010 TO 2012)
  • Being recognized as #1 Dealer of SMARTECH and PEARL for a year (2014)
  • Supplying more than 50,000 air conditioning units (window and split unit)
  • Order-to-Delivery time of average of 24 hours.
  • Best-price-guarantee ensuring customers get best tagged price for any product in the market.
  • Sole agent of KASTRON in the kingdom of Bahrain.


Participation and events:

  • AL-SALAM Dream week for a three consecutive years (2003, 2004 & 2005) where all products have been offered below cost.
  • Participate in Bahrain Summer Exhibition 2007 (Best exhibition offer).
  • Participate in Bahrain Retail Fair 2013 (Best exhibition offer).
  • Participate in Tree of Life Annual Charity Bazaar 2014.